Untie The Knot Divorce Service Guarantee

We are proud of the number of referrals we receive from previous clients.  By using our service, you can be assured that you will receive the personal attention and support that we have come to be known for.

We will guarantee:

  • that your uncontested divorce forms will be typed up in the correct form for your particular province in accordance with the Divorce Act (Canada) and that those forms will be accepted for filing in your court registry;
  • that your divorce forms will be free of clerical errors, using the information provided by you in our questionnaire;
  • that we will make any revisions to your documents requested by you, as often as you wish, at no additional cost to you, provided those changes do not alter the form required by the Court and still meet our requirements as set out in the questionnaire and terms of service;
  • that if the Court requests any changes to your documents which are clerical in nature or where a Supplemental Affidavit is required and we can use your specific words, we will make those changes at no additional cost to you;
  • that we will provide you with unlimited friendly and professional support by telephone or email throughout the entire process;
  • that if your documents are rejected due to any fault of ours and we are unable to revise the documents, we will refund 100% of our fees.

Situations outside of our control are not covered by our guarantee. We unfortunately cannot guarantee:

  • that the circumstances of your divorce change in such a way that those changes no longer meet our requirements as set out in the questionnaire and terms of service;
  • that your divorce will remain uncontested; or
  • that a judge will grant your divorce based on the information provided to the Court.

We take pride in the service we offer and the professionalism in which we handle each client’s situation.

If you have any questions regarding our guarantee, please feel free to contact us.

Privacy Policy:

Divorce is a highly personal process and your privacy is important to us. It is our promise to you that we will treat your personal information with the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion.

The information you provide to us will only be used for the purpose of typing your divorce documents. All correspondence and personal information provided by you is kept confidential and secure. Only authorized employees or agents will be allowed to access your personal information.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your express written consent or court order.

We will not sell, rent or license your name or personal information to any third party individual or company.

Once filed, your divorce documents are protected under the Rules of Court in the jurisdiction where your documents are filed.

If you are simply browsing our website for information regarding our service, please be assured that we do not gather any of your personal information.

To view our complete Privacy Policy please click here.