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Untie The Knot Divorce Service has helped over 10,000 Canadians obtain their own uncontested divorce, without the high cost of a lawyer. Our affordable divorce service is designed to make your divorce efficient, stress free and finished in the shortest time possible. Our divorce package comes with straightforward, easy to follow instructions and the support of our team of divorce specialists. Download our simple questionnaire and get started today.

Our complete Alberta divorce documents service

$249.00 plus GST. (Court filing fees of $260.00 to be paid directly to your local court registry)


This service ensures that you not only receive our completed divorce documents in a quick and professional manner, but that our easy to follow filing instructions and our support will help guide you from start to finish at a fraction of the cost of a family lawyer. Our Alberta divorce service includes all of the following:

  • A dedicated and trained paralegal team ensures that your divorce proceeds as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We have helped over 10,000 Canadians transition into their new lives.
  • Our service removes the need for you to appear in court.
  • Unlimited toll-free telephone and email support provided to answer your questions.
  • No legal jargon – so you will understand the process.
  • Our easy to understand questionnaire and completion guide requires only minutes of your time to finish.
  • All documents provided to you quickly with our comprehensive step-by-step guide to filing your completed divorce documents with the court registry.
  • With no unexpected fees, you can save money – know what to expect.
  • We offer a wide array of payment options for your convenience.
  • No cost emailing or mailing of your documents – no extra fees, no hidden costs.
  • No charge revisions – because things change.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee – We guarantee that the documents we prepare will be accepted by the court registry.

Get started today! Download our simple Divorce Questionnaire and Completion Guide.

Getting started

We have gone out of our way to make our Alberta divorce service as convenient and simple as possible. Simply complete the Questionnaire and click the “Submit by Email” button located at the top right of the first page OR complete and print the Alberta Divorce Questionnaire below, then fax, scan and email or mail your application to us. Your Alberta divorce documents will be ready and sent to you within 5 – 10 business days. Please see our terms of service page for further details.

Before using our Alberta divorce service, please make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Separated for One Year. Your divorce must be on the grounds of a one-year separation. You may start the divorce proceeding at any time after separation; however, you cannot apply for the divorce order until you have been separated for at least one year. Due to the complex and time-consuming nature of obtaining a divorce in Alberta on the basis of adultery or cruelty, we recommend you consult with a family lawyer before proceeding on these grounds.
  • One Year Residency. You or your spouse must have resided in Alberta for at least one year prior to commencing your divorce proceeding and you or your spouse must continue to reside in Alberta for the duration of the divorce.
  • Uncontested Divorce. You and your spouse must agree to a divorce OR you expect the divorce to be uncontested. If at any time the divorce proceeding becomes contested, you may want to discuss your options with a family lawyer.
  • Location of Spouse. You must know the whereabouts of your spouse.
  • Children of Marriage. If there are children of the marriage, all issues with respect to custody and child support have been resolved between you and your spouse. Child support must meet the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Please see our resources page for links to government websites which explain the Guidelines in further detail.
  • Agreement on Division of Assets. You have resolved or plan to resolve any issues with respect to division of family assets and spousal support. If you have not yet resolved these issues, it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice as you may be precluded from seeking such relief at a later date.
  • Original Marriage Certificate. You must have your original government issued Certificate of Marriage or Certified Copy of the Registration of Marriage. The certificate of marriage issued by a church or the person who performed the wedding ceremony will not be accepted by the court. 
    (You may call 1-780-427-7013 to order an Alberta marriage certificate.)

Although the majority of divorces in Alberta are uncontested and do not require the use of a lawyer, there are some couples we simply cannot help. We are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. If you have been unable to resolve any issues regarding division of assets or property, spousal support, child custody, access to children, child support or any other legal issue, it is important that you discuss your options with a family lawyer. For your convenience, we have provided a list of lawyer referral services on our resources page.

A name you can trust

Untie The Knot Divorce Service is proud to have a grade ‘A’ Better Business Bureau. To view our BBB report, click the logo on the right.


All fees listed in Canadian dollars. Payment can be made by money order or Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or Email Money Transfer.

    • you will receive your completed Alberta divorce documents;
    • you will receive our hassle-free guarantee; and
    • you will receive clear instructions along with helpful and friendly support to ensure the divorce process runs smoothly.

For a more complete listing and breakdown of our fees, please download our Alberta Divorce Questionnaire & Guide. The Questionnaire and Guide also provides additional information about our service. If you have any questions or if you would like us to fax or mail the Questionnaire to you, please contact us.

Alberta Divorce Questionnaire & Guide

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